What we do?

Our services

Security Audit

We examine the processes and means employed by each company, focusing on security, and propose improvements if necessary, without compromising production capacity.

EPC Design

We design the most suitable collective protection measures to safeguard workers, ensuring that the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is kept to a minimum.

Selection of PPE

We assess the necessary personal protective equipment based on the specific job, considering safety and hygiene risks. If needed, we recommend changes to PPE based on identified risks, taking into account the tasks to be performed and the personal characteristics of each worker.

Training program

We recommend a suitable training program for each worker, based on their job role, personal characteristics, and prior knowledge. This program includes both initial training and periodic refresher courses spaced over time.

Management Guidance and Emergency Response

We advise the management on implementing an appropriate preventive policy in the company, compatible with its production objectives. This ensures that safety contributes to achieving these objectives rather than hindering them.

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